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For weekday lessons(min. 3 pilots)or groups of 4 or more, contact Richard at (925) 918-2356.
Lessons not cancelled within 72 hrs before scheduled lessons subject to $20.00 cancellation fee.

We get you flying your very first day!
Posted on 28 April 2011

Now anyone who has a dream of flying can take to the sky and fly like an eagle! We have kept the pioneering spirit and developed the most amazing way to give you wings and get you flying on your very first day!

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Total Newbie -- if you have absolutely no prior hang gliding training at all, then this is where you start. You can take the 1 day Intro Package for $170.00 to explore and see if the call of the skies is in you. This will include, Ground School, Pre-flight routines, proper pick up of the glider, controlling pitch and roll, basic footlaunch techniques and our signature Flight Deck airtime training. We provide all equipment necessary. Suitable clothes are jeans , reasonably snug clothes and shoes with ankle support. In warm weather especially, bring drinking water.

If you discover in the first day training that the flying DNA is in you,then take the next step and signup for either the 5,10 or 15 Lesson Packages. Still can't decide after the first day? Then take another day to decide at a discounted rate of $120.00

If you know you are serious about becoming a USHPA cetified pilot, we sugest you take the Lesson Packages. There are the 5, 10 and 15 lesson packages that are designed to build your skill progressively until you reach your ultimate goal of lifetime skills for safe, confident and enjoyable flying.

Practice Sessions/Clinics are taken by flyers who have their own glider and flying equipment but still need the expert eye and wisdom of NCHGA (Northern Ca. Hanggliding academy) instructors to confidently tackle up to the 600 foot hill at Ed Levin Park .You will be guided to develop good habits for glider setup and breakdown, proper take offs landing techniques as well as advancing techniques.

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